Verbal & Physical Abuse

Family Neglect


  • Some would argue that all children are at risk in some way

  • Factors include:

– Children who are disabled.

                – Children with low self-esteem.

               –  Children who have been physically or sexually   abused.

.“Families are the most critical setting for the development of children, and family risk factors, such as poverty, single parenthood, and low parental education levels, regularly have been found to undermine children’s development. “


Levels of Severity


  • Verbal

  • Physical

  • Sexual




Detrimental effects in children’s (lack of) development include:

  • Physical
  • Cognitive
  • Emotional
  • Behavioral

  • Social

  • Often, these disabilities lead to death of the child


Case Study

“In a photo of Lauren taken at Children’s Medical Center Dallas after her rescue on June 11, 2001, she had the skeletal look of a Holocaust survivor. She was no bigger than a 2-year-old, and hers was the worst case of child abuse in the hospital’s history. She also had teeth missing and genital abnormalities, and her body was trying to shut down.” (Courtesy Photo) The Girl in the Closet